Author: abhinnah_api

Conversations: On Devadāsīs

contemplationist: What are the views on devadasis here?

neelambuj_: It was not really as evil a practice, as was portrayed by the prude Britishers. Natis were not really “disrespected”.

NikhilD: I’m not much knowledgeable about Devadasi system so have no views on it.

maisooru: Were highly respected, especially for being the repository of traditional arts.

contemplationist: Church assault on it renewed.

maisooru: There is a place in Karnataka where one can find devadasis even now, but not the types of 19th century.

maisooru: Church has always played the game of “bringing them to mainstream”, since many many decades. Fact is, they were the mainstream for arts in Hindu society.

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