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Ashoka The Terrible

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The Truth About Ashoka

Prince Of Pataliputra; The Story Of Ashoka’s Rise To Power

Though Bindusara’s ministers had preferred Ashoka to Sushima and helped him to come to power, they did not  hold him in high regard, and were contemptuous of his appearance.

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Prince Of Pataliputra – Ashoka’s Rise To Power

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Our story begins in the city of Champa (Champaran), where a Brahmin named Pilindavatsa (also called Janasana) had a very beautiful daughter, named Subhadrangi (also called Dharma or Janapadakalyani). Astrologers foretold that she would marry a king and have two famous sons, one of whom would rule over a whole continent while the other would become a wandering monk. When his daughter was of age, he adorned her with all the ornaments he had and offered her in marriage to the Mauryan Emperor Bindusara, who accepted her into his harem as a concubine.

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Setting The Agenda

To recap, my first article was about how the BJP mistakenly believed it had found a foolproof formula to win elections. Just as the Congress thought povertarianism and doles plus the glamour of the Nehru-Gandhi name was sufficient to win them all elections, the BJP believes Modi plus the plank of ‘development’ is sufficient to win them all elections, overriding local factors, caste etc.

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